Donald Trump VICTORY SPEECH | Full Speech as President Elect of the United States

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Donald J. Trump Full Victory Speech after becoming the President-elect of the United States. Trump addressed supporters as the newly anointed 45th President of the United States in New York City: "Now it is time for America to bind the wounds of division," Trump added. "I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all of Americans, and this is so important to me." He told the cheering crowd, "Working together, we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the American dream."


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  • astheskylarksings

    –our forgotten people

    –put people to work

    –make america great again

    –reclaim our destiny

    –the silent majority

    –rebuilding our nation

    –untapped potential

    –every single american will be able to realize his/her fullest potential

    –our country

    –we are going to fix our inner city

    –we are going to rebuild our infrastructure

    –we are going to leverage talent

    –we will get along with all countries willing to get along with us

    • Ricardo Santos

      That’s ok, they got no option anyway.

    • Mor Mar

      Iraq was not hurting the US in anyway and still u guys bombed them. U guys are bullies u dont leave people at peace. And even countries that would get along with you . You wont care and would violate them as well. Since when you stopped wars. I lived my whole life in fear to get my country bombed as well.

    • Buyer's Remorse

      Mor Mar Russia is currently doing the exact same thing to Syria right fucking now. Get with the program and stop living in the past.

  • Saandvi

    was the song at the end for hillary??

    “you cant always get what you waaant”

    • Saandvi

      Wael Ghafarji… slæpp off

    • Rat Bastard

      When he’s Inaugurated he should play Lying In State by Megadeth. It perfectly describes Hillary and Obama. Just read the lyrics.

    • Breyden Burns

      The trump supporter’s calling me uneducated? Are you fucking serious? At least I know a thing or two about how politics works and know how to deal with problems in this world. Enjoy your 4 years of corporate butt rapings. This is your fault.

  • Dex4Sure

    Those communist losers rioting in the streets are burning American flags, think again people who do they represent? They hate America and Americans, they are self haters who want to drag all of you down with them… Let them commit suicides, let them remove themselves from this world, but do not let them drag you in their depressed mindset… Defend justice if you really need to. NEVER let communists make revolution, rather kill them than let them do it… You saw what happened in Russia when communists took over by revolution? 60 million people died by their own communist government’s hand in Russia because the people did not resist these devil’s hounds early enough… Do not make the same mistake Americans.

    Oh and I’m not American, I am just concerned to see what the socialists are trying to do in your country.

    • Brian Hughes

      vanillaexplosion99 Look, at no point have I denied the rise of company presence in those states. But these examples are not the same as “moving” from blue to red states so much as building “new” plants altogether. Highly automated plants I should add. America can’t compete with developing countries without automation. Conservatives think American industry moved plants overseas for greed, true in some cases, but primarily it’s because American companies are outcompeted by foriegn labor and so to remain competitive they moved to hire the same cheap labor. Now that people are finally mad enough, they’ll bring it back… Just without the jobs. I worked for years at Toray, the owner of that carbon fiber plant being built to service Boeing aerospace demand. That facility will have automated packing, automated transport, automated everything and that’s why the unemployment rate is high, not black people. manufacturing output has steadily increased in the states, so why haven’t people felt the gains from that? Where are the jobs? Industry can do with 12 people what used to take 100. There’s no stopping that. Also the H1b visas are not 9 out of 10 workers. companies can’t even hire enough engineers within the states and so they suppliment the rest. The real problem is no one wants to learn anything. They want to remain just as ignorant as they are now just with more money. The only reason someone like trump was able to amass his wealth is because he was born rich under his daddy’s $200M company umbrella.

      Conservatives want to go back to the golden years of America. But the golden years followed WWII when we were the only country that wasn’t bombed to hell. Those years won’t come back in full but if you look at ahistory, we can play to our countries strengths again. Adjusted for inflation the minimum wage in the 60s was 2 1/2 times what it is now. The Wright brothers earned a minimum wage and not only did they not have to work two jobs to eat but even had enough money left over to buy supplies, experiment, and build the first airplane. Today you need two jobs just to live. Where would the american industrial revolution be without tesla and the electric motor? We were the first country in the whole world lit up in the night sky and btw tesla was an immigrant and a socialist. But whatever, I give up on trying to explain these things. You’ll find out one way or another. Reality has a way of catching up with people.

    • vanillaexplosion99

      The republicans and democrats have supported NAFTA,CAFTA,TPP and last year these globalists(even Obama signed) overturned the COOL Act which the cool act simply stands for "country of origin labeling". The COOL act was passed in 2002 and amended 2008 to require fresh meats and fruits to be labeled with country of origin. Mexico and Canada filed a complaint with the WTO(GATT) that this American law was an unfair trade practice. Canada and Mexico also threatened tariffs or sanctions on particular American products. Congress and the president very quickly overturned the old law. Donald Trump if president would have never caved to the demands of the WTO,Mexico or Canada I am positive. A consumer should have a choice to buy American raised meat products and have country of origin labeling to help make that choice.

    • vanillaexplosion99

      Sorry I forgot to add that the COOL Act was overturned Dec 18th,2015. Yes a foreign regulatory body like GATT and two foreign nations(Mexico & Canada) influencing American consumer law,so sad.

  • Zetoria

    I’d say we give Trump a chance. Hilary lost and thats it, she can try again in 2020

  • T

    Can someone explain to me how is Donald Trump a racist?
    1. He wants to build a wall, makes sense because they can’t take in illegal immigrants not knowing their background and sending them back or putting them in jail etc. will costs USA money and going further in debt.
    2. He wants to stop bringing in muslims temporarily until they can they can find a solution to Islamic Extremists issue, also makes sense since Islamic Extremists is targeting USA.
    Most of the people who are angry with Donald Trump probably can’t think straight and being brainwashed by mainstream medias with fake stories about Trump and didn’t read what he actually said.

  • ISFRedSandman

    His youngest son looks so much like him.

  • Ya boi nick

    I wish people would stop bashing each other because of different beliefs. I support Trump. if you support Clinton, thats ok, you are still my american brother/sister. we should be a nation as whole not divided please stop the bashing

  • Joe Smith

    Next, THE WALL! Deal with it libs.

  • Mike Brande

    God Bless President Trump!!!!

  • Nate Z

    Happiest moment of my life was watching this live. God bless you Mr. Trump ! Proud to say i backed you since the beginning !

    • WillDuhFoh

      Bullshit! he’s a sexist racist and has problems with Gay and Disabled People. He mocked a disabled reporter in 2015!

    • Didi General

      the media telling you that..they show one and the same video out of context and put it one day for : HE IS AGAINST WOMEN,. next time the same cideo for: HE IS AGAINST DISABLED PEOPLE, the next time on other station they show the same video for : HE IS AGAINST GAYS….well I am disabled and I still support Trump

    • Buyer's Remorse

      Didi General That’s because he’s against all American people equally. Trump is a true equality president, he only favors Russian oligarch politicians.

    • dan rode

      Laughable stuff. Nobody showed for the golden shower boy… How embarrassing does it get? He’s nuts and a bad joke of a human being…

  • Alt Right


  • Britney Nguyen

    Go Trump ! God Bless American.

    • gamer 9036

      why u vote for donal trump he is a pervert

    • Pebric

      Britney Nguyen gamer9036 is right! you should of voted for the bullshit liar instead. At least the Clinton’s don’t have a perverted history like Trump. Oh , wait……

    • Britney Nguyen

      +Pebric Monica should cut it off when Bill Clinton lefts a bad taste in her mouth. Hilary Clinton is a biggest crooked and she must pay for Benghazi.

    • Britney Nguyen

      +gamer 9036 I voted for Donald Trump. Because I’m very angry about the lacking of work of the people who worked for Government. There are thousands people who’s recieved the 3 or 4 bedrooms housing of government for many years and now their children already grown up and went to college in other state and stayed in the dorms (resident in school) But they used those rooms and rent to the others to making extra cash.
      There are too many men who’s married in Buddha Church or Catholic Church, but they did NOT have marry certificated, so their wives and children could recieved welfare, foodstamps, housing, Medicare and free schooling from the government. But many husbands have bought the houses, and rent it to their wives and children by section 8 housing and government paid for that. Therefore the children of renters and home onwer must get blood test if they are related, then they must pay back all of the money they have been recieved from government all of those years and the fine.
      There are too many Welfare Queen who recieved housing (3 or 4 bedrooms) from the government for many years and never went to work. Some Welfare Queen bring fathers of their children come to live with them, some Welfare Queen bring different boyfriend each year live with them for free. Those Welfare Queen must go to clean the streets after they drop their children at school if they do not have a job.
      There are 21.000 Vietnamese with student visa and tens of thousands with tourist visa in American. But they are working at restaurants and business owned by Vietnamese or their relative, some are working in Vietnamese radio and television network in SanJose and Orange County CA there are many Asian foods markets in SanJose CA, they have hired people who worked in their stores and paid by cash, because those workers recieved the welfare, foodstamps, housing and Medicare from the government. I am very angry for all those years that I was working so hard and paid tax, so I would love the people who worked for government go there and arrest all those scammers. Please take a camera camcorder and record everything and everyone inside and outside to catch the evident:
      1- Lion Supermarket : 1070 Story Rd, San Jose, CA (408) 288-8188 2- Lion Supermarket : 1710 Tully Rd, San Jose, CA (408) 238-4451 3- Lion Supermarket : 1031 E Capitol Expy, San Jose, CA (408) 226-9888 4- Lion Supermarket : 471 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA (408) 554-9398 5- Lion Supermarket : 1816 Tully Rd Ste 174, San Jose, CA (408) 238-757 1- Maxim Supermarket : 1930 Aborn Rd San Jose, CA (408) 223-8988 2- Maxim Supermarket : 955 McLaughlin Ave San Jose CA (408) 279-3388
      Asian Live Seafood Market : 2559 S King Rd, San Jose, CA (408) 223-0458
      Anyway I’m surely not only these stores they hired people pay by cash. But there must be the thousands of Asian stores in California they are doing the same… I also want American Government cut off the welfare foodstamp, Medicare Medicaid and housing of those people who recieved them from the government. But go back home of their country for vacations, some went back Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao or China and stay during the winter then return to the U.S after that.
      There are many Vietnamese and Chinese who are living by Welfare from government. But they are working for small contraction companies and gardener own by Chinese or Vietnamese and get pay by cash $100. per day.
      There are many Vietnamese and Chinese who are living in Oakland CA and received Welfare, Food stamp, Housing and Free Schooling from government. But they used their friend address at 3277 Fillmore Str Alameda CA, so their children could go to high level schools at Lincoln Middle School 1250 Fernside Boulevard, Alameda, CA 94501 and Alameda High School 2201 Encinal Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501with high benefits, where are only the home owners (no housing program for welfare Queen in this area)
      There are many people woh are receiving welfare, food stamp, housing and Medicare from government. But they are working for many couples as house keeper from 8:00am to 5:00pm and get pay $80 by cash per day.(clean the house, wash and laundry, take kids to school and pick them up)
      There are many Vietnamese and Chinese who received Welfare from government. But they do making foods everyday at home and sell to “Food to go restaurants and supermarket grocery” to make commision.

  • Shy Crystal Explosion

    you can see the emotion in his face. after all they put him through. the slander. the hate. the false accusations. he tears up knowing he overcame everything they threw at him. almost everyone turned their back on him. people stopped supporting and the media and celebs and hilary made him look like a monster. he overcame it all.

    • Nauiollin Padilla

      Given the nature of your username, I don’t understand why edginess it’s a problem for you

    • Shy Crystal Explosion

      +Nauiollin Padilla I’m a youtuber what’s your excuse?

    • Nauiollin Padilla

      Your username is just one of many ridiculous youtubers names out there.

    • Shy Crystal Explosion

      +Nauiollin Padilla that’s the best you could come up with in 24 hours? I’m disappointed

    • Nauiollin Padilla

      Lol what? I just saw your comment. You know what? Let’s finish this. Honestly, this arguments over the internet make no sense. Let´s make peace.

  • King McLaughlin

    More likes than dislikes, good to see! I’d say so, I mean, I’d rather $40,517 than $32,334 any day but either way Trump has more than both!

    • Nick J

      are we looking at the same bar?

    • Joeballs

      Nick J Are we looking at the same like-dislike ratio?

    • M G67

      But of coarse King, the silent majority is still out there. We just have families and need to pay the bills unlike all the kids protesting. It’s comical how all these company’s sympathize with the kids protesting not even realizing the majority of us will never buy a product or use a service for the support their giving them.

  • Bluslime54

    It’s like watching the ending to the greatest movie ever. With a happy ending too 🙂

  • mrgoodiejr

    It looks like Baron (Donald’s son) just wanted to go home and play some video games

  • John Michael

    @ 4:30 he looks like he was going to cry. 🇺🇸

    • 23dlc

      John Michael he said in Wisconsin prior to the election that he didn’t think he was going to win and it would be a waste of time until he heard the news of the fireworks being canceled at hillary hq. Glad trump won

    • Gary Gammon

      John Michael q

    • Ryan Rimmel

      John Michael I would be too with that music playing as I get elected president.