How Donald Trump Answers A Question

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Barton Swaim, “How Donald Trump’s language works for him” (via The Washington Post) September 15, 2015

Emily Atkin, “What Language Experts Find So Strange About Donald Trump” (via ThinkProgress) 2015

Matt Viser, “For presidential hopefuls, simpler language resonates” (via The Boston Globe) October 20, 2015

Jack Shafer, “Donald Trump Talks Like a Third-Grader” (via Politico) 2015



  • SuperQuiMan

    Of course his speeches have a 4th grade reading level, his voting base is almost entirely composed of Rednecks or dropouts too stupid to comprehend the real cause of a problem

  • BlackManiaGaming

    Does Trump EVER have a point?

  • Kevin Arnold

    He’s still better than Hillary, and thats’ a fact

    • Drunken Sailor

      I’m looking at this conversation and I’m seeing people saying Trump is better because Hillary is bad and Trump told me so it must be true. Hey please don’t get triggered it’s just an opinion. Please correct me if I’m wrong but if you can do it without mentioning Hillary.

    • Kevin Arnold

      +Drunken Sailor you should know what is what by now.

    • Mars on Earth

      Drunken Sailor It is so painful for them to admit that they have been tricked. No matter what happens they are not gonna admit it.

    • Mysterious Flower

      Yeah, but it doesn’t mean he’s “GOOD”, you morons always nominate the worst candidates. It’s always “bad” vs “horrible”.

  • Benjamin Oien

    It’s really frustrating listening to him rattle off nothing but filler words. Then he often repeats himself verbatim.

    He repeatedly and blatantly lies to familiarize his audience with concepts that have no basis in reality, then he deals in feelings, which he seeds himself, with no factual basis.

    I entirely agree with this video: trump is a salesman who knows ONLY his audience. I’ve never heard him say anything more informed than buzzwords. I am entirely certain he knows nothing about the extremely important, critical, and nuanced issues our country faces. He is always right there to promise he’ll make imaginary, misdirected, or exaggerated issues better, but he’ll NEVER tell you what the issue actually is or how he’ll fix it.

    We can’t fix this country’s problems with a 4th grader’s lego blocks. When the Donald says there is a problem, go look it up for the full story. Spend a little effort, and you’ll see nothing is as simple as he makes it out to be.

    Consider this truism: you must first understand a system – it’s goals, constraints, and implementation – before you stand a chance of rebuilding a better one. This is how we get cyclic history people.

    • Geni-us

      tuforu4 — Another way to translate this is the “Butt of the Bag”.

      mais, J’aime mieux ta façon.

    • tuforu4

      bottom of the bag…

    • Benjamin Oien


      This is great news 🙂

      I vote for email because it’s more reliable: less prone to down-vote oblivion. I logged out, and my 2 most compelling comments disappear. We can always link to the conversation later.

      I apologize in advance for how painfully slow I’ll be to respond. I have a bit on my plate at the moment.

      I’m also open to discussing any of my above points, but you mentioned something that piqued my interest. It’s related to my assertion that Trump is a weak public speaker.

      I’m reading a bit into it, but you mentioned the art of war in regards to Trump only talking in generalities. I’m very curious to hear why you believe Trump has a deeper meta-game. Do you have any evidence of this beyond faith and hope? Furthermore, do you have any ideas as to what that game might be?

      I’m not set on this topic though: feel free to pick another one. I’ll email you this message as well as the comments that got gobbled up by the void. I have more concrete assertions in those: something there might make a better topic.

    • Geni-us

      Benjamin Oien— *I like this these* (as points we can discuss)

      – “I’m very curious to hear why you believe Trump has a deeper meta-game.”
      -“my (your) assertion that Trump is a weak public speaker.”
      -“ideas as to what that game might be.”

      *I can combine them all into one*

      I’m not in a rush. Plus, I will have time to dig into things that I saved about him.

      Here is a mouth water-er:

      In the beginning I was like most. I thought trump was an idiot. A failed business man and reality tv star? He can’t be serious.

      I decided to start with his show to see for myself how stupid he is.

      I picked a random episode on youtube and

      *then I saw him defend Arsenio Hall and George Takei against a white man* .

      At that moment I knew it was time to dig deeper….

      See you in e-mail 🙂

  • Sekhem Shu

    In watching the last debate he still uses this technique. It’s frustrating because he always pivots, uses misdirection and never answers the freaking question! I’m not a Hillary or democrat fan boy, but at least she answers the question that has been asked of her. If this video has any truth to it then it makes sense why so many Trump cult members still worship him, and many think he is sent from god. He appeals to their low level of intelligence. He doesn’t tell people what they NEED to hear, he tells them what they WANT to hear. Typical salesman!

    • Mysterious Flower

      Steve Austin When you Trump supporters can’t give a good argument, you throw insults. You people are nothing but obnoxious creatures. And to Trump, you’re just a meaningless pawn.

    • Steve Austin

      Mysterious Flower what planet are you on , what comment angers you , be specific

    • Mysterious Flower

      Steve Austin lmfao wow 😂😂😂 you know what I’m tired of you Trump supporters. Trump ain’t that bad but you people are just… 😂😂😂😂

  • Rachel Ermagawddd

    There’s a problem with how many times he’s saying the word ” problem “

  • UrTwiN

    You have to understand, when Trump is asked a question by most media outlets, they are against him, and they set the question up in a way that a simple yes or no answer – no matter which way he answers, would be harmful to him. So he seemingly goes off topic to provide CONTEXT for his answer.

    Is discriminating against a person based on their religion wrong? Yes. Is that what he’s doing? Sort of. He doesn’t hate all Muslims, but you cannot deny the FACT that ISIS, which is Islamic, and that we have no information available to us on these refugees. We don’t know anything about them. ISIS can and will use this to get their people into the US – We have to do something about that, wouldn’t you agree? But what? When it comes down to it there isn’t much that we CAN do. Trump has a viable, although unpopular solution.

    • LootFragg

      When did I say that everything should be disregarded because left and right are all biased?

    • UrTwiN

      LootFragg You didn’t point out how “voting machines are hackable”. You pointed out how the voting machines in Germany were hackable. I’m talking about the U.S.

    • LootFragg

      Obviously, the US have superior technology and hacking is impossible. I concur.

    • Vrillon

      ISIS are not Islamic. They’re doing everyone that opposes Islam.

    • Vrillon

      ISIS are not Islamic. They’re doing everything that opposes Islam.

  • IrfanETGojak1A

    Trump’s victory just shows how do Americans think in general (rednecks, KKK, racist, sexist etc.) and how they see all the things on the planet.. His victory was kinda not a big surprise for me.. His just the ideal reflection of the great majority in the States.. This is all so sad..

    • HeroHunt 42

      vidteh people thinking the way you do is why he won. people are sick of being called racist and bigoted over nothing. to a point where ignore those accusations or dismiss them. sure, there are racists supporting him, just like there are supporting Hillary, but the truth is a large margin of voters are frustrated of being demonized for their political views. breaking this into “everyone who supports X candidate is a racist” is simply stupid and shows how uninformed you are.

    • alejandromolinac

      +HeroHunt 42
      You are correct, a long run on paragraph of someone ranting…. Who wants to read that…

      Can’t even break up the statements so they are easy to read…

  • joost75124536

    Please can anyone tell me a GOOD reason why trump is crazy (Not things like he will start ww3! And if you think he is a racist say why!)

    • joost75124536

      Than don’t comment. I’m retarted? You can’t even break down and explain your own comment.

    • Kevin Spee

      joost75124536 He doesnt answer questions but instead rambles about issues he wants to bring up every time, because he cant think of anything else. He is crazy because he cant think of things he hasnt heard before or are below 4th grade understanding

    • CyberChrist

      +joost75124536 Refusal to acknowledge reality is a good indicator you’re deluded. You wouldn’t tolerate it from your plulmber, why tolerate it from your president ?

    • James Taylor

      my man joost

  • Borat Sagdiyev

    *Criticized Trump for using the “look at” idiom*

    *Tells his viewers to look at his words*

    You’re fallacious.

    • Borat Sagdiyev

      +Stew Um it’s backpedal, not paddle. You clearly cannot read, and that’s a fact. I just said bye because there’s no use bickering with a borderline illiterate person who loves to argue over semantics.

      My advice for you is to invest in some high-quality reading courses, and maybe one day you’ll grasp reading comprehension.

      For real now, bye 🙂

    • Stew

      +Borat Sagdiyev oh wow, you built that entire response upon a predictive text mistake. How pathetic.

      Nevertheless, why are you not responding to my clear and concise explanation as to why you are wrong?

    • Leo Romanski

      +Stew thats about it

    • Dexter Morgan

      He never criticized Trump for anything. He just dissected Trump’s vocabulary to show the audience how he sells his argument…..

    • uhlan30

      Borat Sagdiyev I don’t think you understand what fallacious means lol.

  • John Smith

    Are you really saying a man who is a billionaire and has been writing history for the past 50 years or so is NOT smart? If you believe that then you’re probably the one who’s not smart.



    • gmdille

      John Smith “with no media support” lmao what?? He got like a billion dollars of free airtime across 2016 alone. Also, being president doesn’t make him smart. You can see that by the fact that he talks with the vocabulary of a 10 year old.

    • Spanishdog17

      John Smith Paris Hilton is a billionaire.

  • Hearts A'Mess

    If I could ask DT one question it would be whether he ever wears just, like, **normal people** clothes… ’cause seriously, **has** he EVER?

    I bet he wears a suit to bed. I BET he **does**…

    • Vito Coraci

      pixelatorNYC Lol

    • storytel27


    • ExtraordinaryLiving

      Why did you think they are “cheap suits and cheap ties”? I am sure he doesn’t wear cheap stuff … he’s a billionaire, he has enough money to get the best couture-wear.

    • pixelatorNYC

      ExtraordinaryLiving just Becuase he’s a billionaire doesn’t mean he has good taste.
      1) he wears his own brand of suit and tie.
      2) Trump brand suiting is available on Amazon. Not the kind of place you got for couture.
      3) you can just look at the cheap patterns and sheen on his ties and suit and tell it is low grade. Under 1000$ for suit and under 100 for ties.
      4) Trumps wear is on the same level as Steve Harvey wear. Just a little below Adam Seacrest wear. But that’s your president … A tacky orange dude in a cheap suit and tie.

    • Chilliend

      And a hell of a good president at that

  • Gleb Nechaev

    China, china, china…. China! China? They love me. I love China. China all the time!)

  • TheKellerKinder

    Since English is not my mother tongue, i wonder, did he actually give an answer to the question within his 200 words?

    • allconsolesaregood

      TheKellerKinder Not really. He addressed the nature of the “problem”, and indirectly and vaguely justified his “solution”, but never grappled with why that solution might be unconstitutional.

    • Retro Mammoth

      You can’t answer the question because it is a rigged one. If he says yes, he is a xenophobe, if he says no, he loses the chance to support his opinion on why he feels that way. Radical Islam exists, that’s the answer. Sorry people can’t read between the lines, but Blaming Russia for your own stupidity is the real question dodge.

    • flareragnarok

      TheKellerKinder yes he did, right at the beginning he said “im for it”

  • Mc Woofless

    i love trump. can’t wait to se ewhat he will do

    • TOPMAN 1

      +SomethingCool51​​ that Muslim ban was just a fart and America admitted its not a Muslim and pathetic attempt to keep a sorry promise. Everyday trump lobbies Mexico in attempt for them to pay for the wall. Can they not pay it them selves? SO WEAK

    • SomethingCool51

      +TOPMAN 1 I guess you don’t understand what I’m saying.

  • Jeff Woods

    This video just proves that Trump is brilliant.

    • Matthew Harrity

      On the contrary, I think it shows that Americans are dumb. Brilliance is hardly taking advantage of the easily fooled.

    • Jeff Woods

      +Matthew Harrity And we Americans are voting against globalism…Sure Trump will not keep all his promises but he has a base that are going to hold his feet to the fire. Look at the nations of “intelligent” liberals who have allowed the hoards of Muslims into their nations..they are suffering because of their stupidity.

    • Matthew Harrity

      That’s completely unrelated to the video.

    • Lucious

      Not really. *You* falsely implied that Trump’s voters support him because they are “easily fooled” as you put it. OP’s response had to diverge from the video itself because you shifted the topic over.

      That isn’t to say you were lying, but you were over-exaggerating. In every democratic election cycle, there are fools who vote because fools exist everywhere in the world. Hell, there might have been someone who voted for Trump simply because they liked his hair. However the picture you paint puts all the fools on Trump’s side, while ignoring the hundreds of thousands of fools who supported Bernie, Hillary, etc.
      You can find actual interviews with Hillary supporters who don’t know what her policies are, and some people even cited “she’s a woman” as the reason- completely disregarding personal merit or how pragmatic their policies are and instead perverting the election down to a sex-issue. There were Bernie supporters who simply hate American capitalism and assumed Bernie would tear it down, and I personally know one Bernie supporter who just wants free stuff (he is mislead in many ways, I know, but I digress).

      Fools exist everywhere, and will vote for their own foolish reasons.

  • - AKOB

    im not gonna look at his words. i will look at his Actions thank u…..

  • Lefty

    Trump fans wont really look at his words. They probably didnt even understand this video.

  • David Mark

    Over 23,000 people were killed by guns in 2015……This is your BIGGEST Problem…

    • Amaravi

      Guns are a more complex issue than you think. For example, did you know that Obama’s federal attorneys were refusing to prosecute the majority of the people that use guns to commit crimes? The local police in Chicago (for example) are pissed off that the Feds aren’t doing their job. Trump’s new attorney general just asked all those federal attorneys for their resignations a couple days ago.

      Think about that for a second. What do you think happens when the Government decide that the people who are using guns to kill people should stay on the streets? That is your BIGGEST problem!

    • David Mark

      Thanks for the reply……Interesting.. Greetings from Oz!

  • Barnaby ap Robert

    There are over 5 million Muslim-Americans in the USA. Have there been over 5 million Muslim terrorist attacks in the USA?