MAJOR MOMENT: Donald Trump & Family Exit Official White House Plane, Arrive in D.C. for Inauguration

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Donald Trump and his family arrive at Andrews Air Force Base in an official government plane, one day before his inauguration.


  • Midnight Rider

    FINALLY! Some REAL talent back in the White House!

    • Midnight Rider

      Let’s all be thankful to God (for you liberals, that’s the Supreme Being) that the tranny Michelle Obama never poses in the nude. I’m too young to go blind.

    • Midnight Rider

      You mean rich snobs like the Clinton’s? Like the Obama’s? You’re an uneducated moron.

    • Midnight Rider

      Yes, it’s true that we have a lot of stupid people. Stupid people are in every country (like you, for instance). But America is still the greatest country in the history of this planet and under Trump it will get even more powerful. So….tough titty.

    • Midnight Rider

      Cry me a river. Who cares what you think?

    • Midnight Rider

      Another reason to drop Common Core.

  • Lissa Timber

    What a beautiful sight.

  • Midnight Rider

    You can tell the military is so happy to have a real patriot back in the White House!

  • Johnny 5


  • Tammy P

    Beautiful sight is the Trump family arriving in Washington DC…..equally as beautiful will be seeing Obama family leaving Washington DC

  • Deplorable Rob

    Trump will be the greatest positive impact this country’s ever had and I can feel the shockwaves all the way from northeastern IL.

  • R Wells

    It’s no longer “GO TRUMP” now it’s “GO AMERICA”.

  • Chris K

    Love it. What a great look in the White House. Class and elegance not since the Kennedy years.

    • Blackmage4001

      Andrew Walker lol, resorting to slut shaming I see?

    • Bored Engineer Operating Near Groom Lake Detachment 3

      Chris K class and elegance? Firstly what’s so classy about someone born into wealth and what so elegant about the n’th wife that’s many years younger than him, can barely speak English and used to be an escort girl.

    • Wilma rashida Pierce

      +Bored Engineer Operating Near Groom Lake Detachment 3 Indeed and Trump has no class Obama way more elegant and distinguished than the Trump

  • none u business

    Yes, this is my president and his beautiful first lady with his wonderful family!!! Thank God for a hopeful future of this country. I am excited to see what the next 4 years brings and if all goes well it will be 8! Thank you President Trump for giving hope back to this country.

  • Jillaroo79

    Nice to see a patriot using a U.S. Government plane for the first time in so many years.

  • John Mark

    I Love Trump – from Philippines (sorry guys for being insensitive on saying black and white)

    • alucard ihs

      nimvin honestly black people can get the same jobs and pay as whites mexicans or us asians people need something to complain about that is why they talk about white supremacy

    • TheLast DamnGamer

      alucard ihs how could you even make a statement like that lol

    • alucard ihs

      TheLast DamnGamer because it is true people create reasons to complain

  • Urban Bass Slayers Sacramento CA Bass Fishing.

    Iv’e never seen Obama stop and talk to our soldiers like this.

  • Sandy Little

    I bet that just eats Killary and Obunghole alive watching him get off THAT plane!! Haha! Love it!

    • Tavish McGinty

      LOL! Hey don’t get mad at me if the truth hurts. And you are mistaken if you think I’m a Hillary fan LOL! I love that a picture is worth a thousand words. I loved watching the live feed and seeing all the empty seats and the empty space. Poor, sad Trump and his imaginary world where he is just loved by all. The imaginary world where Hillary did not get almost THREE MILLION more votes than he did. I love watching his pain. I don’t know about Soros paying protesters but I do know about Putin paying for Trump votes. Ha ha ha

    • Javi Ruiz

      +Sandy Little first of all yes you say all these wonderful beautiful things about Donald trump so why does he show so much hatred know on social media and on his campaign????? Can you explain that to me? It’s like me saying yes I did all these amazing things in my life and then I kill a person I should not be accountable for it because I was nice to one person??? Life does not work that way honey. I’m not a Hillary supporter at all. I wish we would of had better people running for president. What trump supporters do is always say well Hillary did this and did that! I don’t care what she did it’s about what trump has done the past months.

    • Javi Ruiz

      +Joshua McLean well I do understand that we need to control the border and they have been doing that for a very long time. If you actually check statistics you will see that there is more Mexicans leaving the country and fewer are coming in. There is more illegals coming in from other places illegally from around the world. Building a wall just seems going back to the Great Wall of china. There is other ways of speaking to make your point across and Donald all he has done was put people down. Yes he is 70 so he is an elderly person that just says whatever and does not think. Lol

    • Sandy Little

      Javi Ruiz We finally agree on SOMETHING. I wish we’d had better candidates to choose from. The democrats would have been better off not cheating Bernie out of running, but I didn’t care much for him either. But he would have been better than Hillary. But no matter what, I would have voted Republican because the Democrats have lost their minds and seem to have world domination mentality and want to keep control of everybody from suppressing poor income families to stay on welfare(which they control) to the wealthy, which they seem to be working with to get the NWO that they want. Republicans are tired of the bs, America has gone soft, our youth think their entitled and our enemies think we’re week. I spent the last couple of years writing in Trey Gowdys office begging him to run. He would have been perfect. So…maybe in 2020 he’ll run. Fingers Crossed!

  • Monte Gray

    After 8 YEARS we finally have a FIRST LADY in OUR house

    • Rachel OLUJIDE

      Monte Gray yeah a sluty one.

    • carpe noctem

      Arnold kintu atleast she’s way more glamorous and beautiful than the previous one i dont know what was she ??she looked like a shemale version of a chimpanzee πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      gone are the days of chimpanzees now America gave the chance but its enough and felt the consequences not anymore πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Monte Gray

      +carpe noctem that’s not fair to the chimpanzee

    • Shinku TV

      Monte Gray classy lady

  • Sakitulo

    Dang car is built like a tank

  • Erin Malle

    They look like real presidential material

    • Queen Kong

      Take those shades of love lol

    • Queen Kong


    • Queen Kong

      Class huni you cant buy it.

  • Leyon Ho-shing

    he look presidential.. go trump clear up Washington.

    • dkim2011

      +freshair3451 Laughing right back at ya, my easily amused friend. In “Microsoft country,” where I live, multimillionaires are hardly an endangered species. Turning now to inauguration-related matters, do you believe that Trump is already in probable violation of the emoluments clause? Why or why not? Also, do you think the American people have a right to see his tax returns?

    • dkim2011

      +A Michigan State Fan What promises must Trump fulfill in order to retain your trust and loyalty?

    • Roger didit

      dkim2011 He is not required BY LAW to show his tax return. The left would use it to attack his clients. THATS WHY he filled out hundreds of pages of financial disclosures on his COMPANIES, and did not with his personal tax return. Did you demand to see the Hillary emails?

    • Mona Taylor

      Roger didit they couldn’t see the emails, at least not all since many had been destroyed

    • dkim2011

      +Roger didit Based on my own research, I’ve concluded that Hillary was herself in violation of the _emoluments clause_ (to say nothing of Federal Records Act violations, etc) and therefore unqualified to serve. (Not by virtue of foreign donations to the CF, but because Bill, personally, was paid in excess of $1 million by the UAE government while Hillary was SoS.) Of course your _tu quoque_ argument is fallacious and dismissed out of hand.

      As for Trump, you are merely repeating his camp’s talking point without thinking things through. While it is true that Trump is not required by law to disclose his tax returns, he _is_ required to comply with the emoluments clause, Art. 1, Sec. 9, Clause 8. The constitution, you should pardon the expression, trumps all. Since Trump won’t abide by long-standing presidential practice, or bow to the wishes of the American people, 3/4 of whom want to see those returns, a tax investigation to determine whether Trump has violated the emoluments clause is in order. Of course, Trump could get around that by selling his Washington DC hotel and putting all his assets in a genuinely blind trust. So far he refuses to do so. As a consequence, and given Trump’s sordid track record with even trivial matters — such as illegally dodging NY sales tax while buying jewelry at Bulgari in NYC, etc — I suggest that the investigations get under way posthaste.

  • Susan Murdock Murdock

    So thankful I’m alive to witness this.

  • sexy monkey

    Thats awesome the kid will be chilling in the white house playing xbox

  • Robert Gelinas

    that’s one good lookin’ family