• Kyle Pasta

    Trump 2020 MAGA

  • Matt P

    President Trump is the GOAT just like Tom Brady

  • Dirty South


    • P Denise Gray

      +Bryon Adams you know what is funny you follow a nazi & drink his koolaid. Love Trump dont hate

    • Dirty South

      Edward WRONG!! Google “The Stages of Muslim Conquest”… we’re still in stage 1- Infiltration… Most of Western Europe is in Stage 3- Open War w/ Leadership and Culture… Over 50 Sharia Law No-go Zones in Sweden… Dozens of Sharia Law Courts in England.


    • MyEyesBled

      I just love these little men who see everything in simpleton terms, such as them vs us… who never served in the military, who with no wisdom nor experience to base their beliefs on other than their common fear of what they don’t comprehend… ignorance based on conflicting biases … pathetic and weak…

    • pat backhouse

      if you’re not a veteran you’re not qualified to be press secretary?
      go find a safe space

  • Dirty South


    • Toxic Banana

      troll account lol

    • TallyWebGuy.Com

      There are more terrorist radicalized Christians already in America than radicalized Islamist’s. Pot calling the kettle black.

    • TallyWebGuy.Com

      Christians don’t have morals. If they did they wouldn’t have voted for Trump… period.

    • TallyWebGuy.Com

      Piss off a Christian and see the truth about their character that comes out in their comments. LOL! You may learn a few new curse words or racial slang in each post.

  • RiotHouse

    Now that’s a real President, not like that bag of excrement we got rid of named Obama.

  • noreaction

    “believe me”

    • TheHistoryTurtle

      Noreaction You assume that it’s only going to be a wall. It’s a layer within layers of security. Mexico has zero leverage when it comes to negotiating with the U.S. 2-3% Border tax will fund the wall within 3 years. Doing nothing is your position, my position will have better results and my evidence is history. The Israelis are designing the wall and they managed to keep their country free from illegal immigration for decades.

    • Sergio Garzon

      Obama said:”ehhh, ehhh” in almost all his speeches and interviews

    • noreaction

      it doesn’t matter who designs a wall. Bottom line is that US taxpayers will have funds diverted from more important things to build this wall on a false promise that mexico will pay us back, and then we get shorted by mexico not paying us for the wall while shorting ourselves of funds for more important things.

    • TheHistoryTurtle

      I just told you, 2-3% border tax. It’s not rocket science, most countries have a border tax, the U.S doesn’t. Mexico won’t even feel it, but they will pay for it. Trump has delivered on the majority of his campaign promises he ain’t stopping now.

  • Cat Watches Politics

    Good luck Sarah Silverman… The military and citizens of sound mind will stand with Trump against Hollywood’s treasonous coup.

    • krrrruptidsoless

      Trying to get the “majority” to side with what they call the minority (which by the way they always claim they want to help, yet now they aren’t)
      Won’t amount to anything until you make them realize the words their kind (meaning elite pacifists and other whatnot) have spoken over the last decade or so in protests against other than their own.
      Not what they speak for but how they speak against. Those words need to be carefully spoon fed to them until they choke…..not a dangerous choke, but like a coughing OMG kind of choke.

    • krrrruptidsoless

      Meaning spoon feeding liberals….🙃

    • Lea Conway

      Cat Watches Politics ‘Hollywood’s treasonous coup?’ dude what era are you living in

    • changingwithin

      Well said. God Bless, its time for sanity to prevail.

  • PaulBodyBuilder

    The only President in history who is actually keeping his promises.
    God bless Trump & God Bless America

    • always honest

      Rami O Bomb you people are so blind when it comes to Trump

    • always honest

      bjarki gislason like I said…he ran his campaign on hate…

    • always honest

      Rami O Bomb Trump is not fit to be President…

    • Thrashes

      so working in the interests and needs of the middle class is hate?… plus you cannot say that everything he has done since he took office is bad! i think everyone can agree that TPP was a great one! (destroying it) when you say he ran on hate then you are saying the middle and working classes are racist, which they are not! that is stupid… not as many people as you think are racists you should rather go to the source and see what he is saying.

    • Thrashes

      and yes the US was very much in debt before obama and pretty much no matter who would have been president there would have seen about the same rise in debt… seriously give the guy a chance and read into what he is doing from himself, i know that it is hard to believe but the media really is lying a lot about him and leaving out facts just the same as they are leaving out facts about terror attacks and things like that. they rarely say that it was an islamic terrorist for example, and instead opt into WE DON’T KNOW the motivation or reason it happened just as an example the same is when they report on riots that try to say they are “protests” they keep saying that they are peaceful when in reality they are nothing of the like. (with of course a few examples like the womans march which i do not agree with) but a hell of a lot of them are stupid.

  • Steve Byers

    God bless you President Trump

  • Tammie Williams

    Obozo was purposefully weakening our military so his Islamic buddies could defeat us. Keep them the HELL out of our country! We’re with you President Trump! God Bless you!

    • Robert Leland

      2015CricketWorldCup yes that’s true. We lost Vietnam because we underestimated how well they would use their home turf against us. We lose wars now because the government started recruiting weak non killers to the military by luring them in with college grants and home loans. Our PTSD is higher than ever because they deploy these non killers to go and kill, and their minds just can’t handle it. Along with attracting non soldier types, they tightened the mental health requirements for enlisting so tight that actual killers who belong in the military because they can kill as ordered and sleep like a baby that night are being excluded. The weakening of our military is by design. And it’s time to stop it.

    • Robert Leland

      In reality the best soldier is a sociopath you keep incentivized to fight with you. Because they can handle the down and dirty that is required to be the best possible soldier and they don’t make decisions based on bullshit. They make decisions based on facts and leave useless emotion out of it.

    • bigbuttlama

      Is this a opinion or fact? Please show me any article or statement or pictures of proof that Obozo has ties to “his Islamic buddies”

    • Shadilay

      You don’t know how to use google? Remember the Egyptian revolution in 2013 (the first one was in 2011 when Mubarak was kicked out). Hillary and Obama wanted muslim brotherhood Morsi to run the country and the people said no way. You have a brain, right? do your own research if you question something and don’t wait everything to be explained to you by strangers on Youtube comment section.

    • Shadilay

      I think it’s you who is the dumb one here… Just thought I’d let you know since you probably aren’t smart enough to figure it out by yourself. No need to thank :).

  • joe dyke

    We MUST expose and rid our planet of the ones doing or planning evil..we MUST come together with unconditional love, with the light and love of our great God creator leading the way. Thank you so much president Trump and others working with the light of good, and with God

  • BL Ranch

    Leaders get it. Donald Trump gets it. Liberals are incapable of selfless service.

    • Lindsey Fitch

      john doe Well thank God, we finally have someone who can git ya sum learnin dun. I’m not usually one to poke fun, but good Lord…Anyways… I can’t believe the disgusting disrespect towards Veterans, going on here. We truly must be, beyond repair as a nation. SAD.

    • barn2503

      jem finlayson, you are forgiven because now I realise you have allowed the BBC to think for you.

    • BL Ranch

      Us, we, our…words rarely spoken by leftists liberals.

    • Gigi W

      BL Ranch selfless service? Like the 5 TIMES draft dodger???

    • Ryan Rafferty

      Gigi, Exactly!

  • janice difulvio

    Anyone else absolutely LOVE his weekly briefings?!? Best President we’ve had in decades! 😍😍

  • Michael B

    “we’re gonna load it up” that’s badass

  • Bob Majew

    Mr. President, your respect for our military touches my heart.

    • Christopher Jones

      His jumbled reading from Bannon’s notes touches my heart too, in a cold, icy way. Boilerplate platitudes celebrating war when has no idea what he is even saying. Ask McCain or the Khan family about Trumps respect. Remember when he compared his hiring of employees as the same level of personal sacrifice as losing a child to war?

    • Gg Mo

      Hegelian Dialectic manipulations are for the F-ing Sheep. Both “sides” want to crush America and make it 100% subservient to Israeli interests and Saudi f-ing Arabia. Just Like CLINTON b****es !

    • Chris Foxxe

      Gg Mo it’s very obvious that you’re super ultra gay feelings have been affected

  • U.P. dan

    Arrest George Soros who is funding terrorism in the U.S.

    • Talcum X

      Patrick Thompson lmao you’re out of your goddamn mind if you think Killary would have made a “great” President. You gotta be trolling.

    • Talcum X

      Patrick Thompson oh, nvm, judging by the shows you watch (Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert, CNN) you’re just THAT brainwashed. Good luck with your fake news, bud.

  • cbasallie

    I love my President.

  • Bobo Brazile

    The only President in History to earn his salary, ( $1.00 a year ) every hour he is awake……MAGA

    • always honest

      Bobo Brazile yeah but his vacation just cost us millions of dollars…he is a con artist

    • SuperSMT

      always honest – And Obama’s hundred of vacations? What about that time he flew a jet across the country for his dog?

  • MAGApede Trump 2020


    • JM Wizzle

      +Jonssyy Jons You’re fucking joking. All of those claims are fake except maybe for his former wife’s claims. Curious why she doesn’t go to the police though eh? No charges, no police investigation. Nothing.

    • Candy

      JM Wizzle please do not respond to Jonnssy Jones because the government trolls get paid every time someone responds to one of their comments. She has been on this site for over 6 years and will say practically anything to bait you. She is a real traitor, disgraceful.

    • Jonssyy Jons

      +JM Wizzle They paid her for the rest of her life and made her sign a confidentiality agreement. So she can’t go to police about it.

    • JM Wizzle

      +Candy Oh I see. Thanks for the heads up 👍

    • Jonssyy Jons

      As I told +Candy or as I now call him . . . FlavorLess Flav . . . . because he is of the self radicalized ilk who recruits like minded herdmates into the ignorant flock . . . if you women would stick together . . . The oligarch would lose every fight.

  • Russell Morton

    america is so lucky

    • Russell Morton

      well except for the lefty problem

    • america is going to be great again

      Russell Morton it’s a small minority with a big megaphone in the shape of the msm. the indocrinated cotton wool cocooned ‘educated’ millennials are out of control. President Trump is doing great! giving hope to all of us around the world, especially those assaulted and raped across Europe, especially Norway and Finland, from islamic immigrants who come in with the good people. Merkel has nearly destroyed Europe. let the loony left go and live in Muslim countries with Sharia law because if you don’t think there are forces that want that, look into who organised the ‘women’s march” and what they were all wearing. the left violent communists want to destroy America. they are on the news every day, but not as many as they’d led you to believe. #crybabySchumer #madMaxine #sitdownPocahontas #nuttyNancy