RAW: Obama welcomes president-elect Trump at White House

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Barack Obama welcomes president-elect Donald Trump at the White House


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  • Pinky Green

    Obama’s Body Language – He is so uptight and stressed out. Totally out of his comfort zone. He thought Hillie was gonna win.

  • unvrknow22

    Every time Obama says “President-elect Trump,” you can see him die a little more on the inside. #MAGA

  • Craven88

    he looks like he just got informed that america is controlled by aliens

    • Hark

       Well, you’re in for a surprise when Trump’s combination of liberal spending and libertarian tax cuts rockets it up higher than Obama. 

      He’s literally proposing  FDR style new deal infrastructure programs which are a liberal’s wet dream, but then also cutting taxes.

      If national debt was the reason you voted for him, you got tricked my friend.

      Actual fiscal conservatives and conservative economists have been warning you guys this whole time that Trump isn’t actually a conservative and is going induce inflation and balloon the debt by over 10 trillion dollars because his economic platform is nonsense.

    • Aaron Siering

      Hark I agree his tax policy is the worst thing about him. I voted for him, however, to keep the Supreme Court from becoming, institutionally, the go to political end run around congress and also so we don’t end up in a nuclear war with Russia, and these issues I believe he will actually deliver on.

    • Aaron Siering

      Craven88, honestly I think Trump is a really insecure person who has feelings of inferiority. This drives him as a business man and he covers it up with a type of contemptuous arrogance. He really is a man who has never been nearly as successful as he has portrayed himself to be–this is why he won’t allow anyone to talk about his real wealth which appear to be about half of what he claims it is. Just think about how messed up that is, why would a billionaire need to pretend that he is more wealthy then he actually is? He made most of his wealth by licensing his name. In reality he isn’t so much a builder as he is brand. This, however, is a real accomplishment so why the need to pretend he is more than that? This I think points to the level of insecurity that drives him as human being.

      Having said that he is also a man with good instincts who accomplished something real and historic politically and so has been able to drop, at least for the moment, his defense mechanisms. In short this is what a humble Trump looks like.

    • M RO

      “ok now drink the blood !!!!”

    • Hark

      +Aaron Siering
       You actually did the opposite of what you wanted, voting for Trump practically ensures that the court will tilt wildly to one party because Ginsburg is 83 and Breyer is 78.

      It would have gone from 5/4 conservative, to 5/4 liberal under Clinton

      Instead of it being slightly more liberal by replacing scalia , its likely going to be far, far more conservative and be 7/2 conservative.  I’m sure republicans won’t use that ever to get around congress in the future.  The only two democrat appointed justices will be Kagan and Sotomayor if Ginsburg and Breyer happen to die or retire in the next 4-8 years.

  • RexXflash

    Trump can start by removing the gay marriage that Obama passed without voting

    • RexXflash

      +UraKn0x and I haven’t? I have blown holes through endless arguements you keep creating yet you keep persist to justify one thing but refuse to accept the other when they’re the same. You’re simply brainwashed or ignorant,perhaps both at it’s finest but nonetheless i’ll waste as much energy as needed to deal with it

    • UraKn0x

      +RexXflash I have proved you that these weren’t the same thing, and you refused to understand what I said. You’re simply brainwashed or ignorant,perhaps both at it’s finest.

    • RexXflash

      +UraKn0x If you deluding yourself into believing so to make you feel better than sure but there’s really no denying it’s the same. In a nutshell homosexuality,pedopihlia,incest,beastiality etc all have a common thing,they all show a similiar sign that there’s something wrong with their sexual orientation,whether they suddenly feel attracted to a animal,or a child,perhaps same gender instead of the opposite gender as they’re biologicaly programmed to do. In a nutshell it’s just matter of time before it becomes illegal again and you thrown in a mental asylum where you’ll get the treatment that you have human right for.

    • UraKn0x

      +RexXflash Last thing I’ll say, after that I’m just gonna ignore you because you don’t deserve any more of my attention span.
      Homosexuality is obviously not a mental disease, and you have showed absolutely no proof that it was one to justify your argument whereas I’ve shown you several reasons that prove that it’s not one.
      What are you doing about the biological reasons I told you about earlier? What if I’m “biologically programmed” to be attracted to people of the same gender?
      You’re just blind and deaf to arguments that prove you wrong. Either that or you’re just awfully stubborn even when you know you’re wrong.

    • RexXflash

      +UraKn0x No just you ignoring all points that indicates it is a mental illness but go ahead and live in your imaginary world while you still can,science will catch up no matter how supressed

  • Mumford and Dragons

    Are those cameramen fingering the camera buttons to get pictures? Jesus, its like 1000 photos per second haha

  • sickpuppy4711

    imagine all the state secrets trump is going to find out. outsider on the inside.

    • Hark

      +Chris Weidner Dude doubled the debt coming out of a recession, but got the deficit down to below historic average eventually.  Debt isn’t inherently a bad thing, either.  It’s sold as a point of investment in the form of bonds and isn’t like personal debt and functions as a revenue source of the government.  Zero debt means you’re not issuing bonds and your sole source of income is from high taxation.  This meme that he was a big spender doesn’t hold water considering the deficit reduction, seriously.

      If you care about the debt, you’re in for a massive let down considering Trump is proposing FDR style infrastructure programs (this is so liberal that even Obama wouldn’t have tried it) and also slashing taxes.  Too much debt is a bad thing and he might increase it by more than 10 trillion dollars.

      Conservative economists have been warning you guys since day one that Trump isn’t truly a conservative, but they got drowned out by frog memes and the word cuck.

      Oh, and he’s already surrounding himself with lobbyists, the Heritage Foundation, Goldman Sachs, John Bolton again, bankers and tycoons, and a plethora of Washington insiders  Out with the old, in with the old.  So much for draining the swamp.

    • Hark

      +Chris Weidner
      I think Hillary would have been a better choice because she’s actually a seasoned politician and wouldn’t just be a rubberstamp for whatever lobbyist tells Trump he’s handsome and smart the loudest.

    • Chris Weidner

      +Hark I cannot say the same because I am still holding my breath for Trump. With Hillary I knew we had pure treasonous criminality.

  • A Kid From Battlefield

    This is more akward than mom coming to your room and see you fucking your cat

  • Der Hase

    WTF was so loud the wohle time…

  • TheBlackSheep

    clicky clicky clicky clicky clak clak clak cluk….SHUT THE FUCKING CAMERAS UP!!

    • Thelongmanable

      Its 2016 go digital or go home .

    • djhenyo

      Digital cameras were used in this video. What is wrong with you?

    • Kuku baga

      +djhenyo no Mr smartypants, you do not need to take a picture every half a second just because it’s “official”. This isn’t sports photography – it’s just two presidents making some very simple and short remarks. Stupid twat.

    • djhenyo

      +Kuku baga
      Two presidents having their first ever public conversation face-to-face is less important than a sporting event? Okay, Einstein!

  • Alex Den

    Trump mimic looks like (WTF i’am doing here? i was a businessman ,….and now they elected me to be a president ._. ….. i’ve never been a politician and this job looks like harder than I imaginated…. i’am totally fucked up ._____. )

    • Samuel Wong

      I dont think yall know whats going on. But surely yall pissed Trump is sitting in the oval now. He is gonna take away ALL BULLSHIT FREEDOM yall have for so many years. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH

    • stephenpp rasch

      +Samuel Wong sorry i believe obamas and bush’s executive orders already did take a lot of our freedoms.

    • Letahlp

      Fulgrim88 i thought you liked hitler. You have 88 in your name it means ‘Heil Hitler’.

    • Eviristo Galliano

      Alex Den lol Thats why i like him Too

    • Samuel Wong

      just relax, the tycoon is the president now, at least he will gives you your guns back to protect yourself. You cant beat bad guys with your cell phone while dialing 911, can you?

      Obama oh Obama, the muslim that ruled 8 yrs, 8 fucking yrs on America. Little do you know the real agendas, the hidden things Obama did. You only see his trivia life, enjoying his LGBT law. Too much freedom for you, the undergraduate, the clueless rebellious human being. How sad.

  • Marques Carter

    Why can’t we all just get along were all Americans at the end of the day💯

    • googlyeyedChihuahua

      Marques Carter Exactly!!!! White people! I want you to find a street in your city named Martin Luther King Boulevard, and just walk down it alone and just shake everyone’s hand you see!!! Black people! Just drive through those gates of those deed restricted communities and walk into all those houses and shake everyone’s hand we are coming together baby!!!!!!!!

    • majorevangelism

      +googlyeyedChihuahua If you walk into anyone’s house uninvited and try to shake hands, you’d probably get shot.

    • AkizaVesper

      +boi About politics.

  • Bissy

    It looks like Trump is getting bored of being president already.

    • Julia P.

      Trump already is very old, at the end of life he decide just for fun to troll american elites. But suddenly regular americans so hate modern elites and all that liberal and LGBT-values, so preferred to vote for him. So, he don’t know what to do. He wanted fun, but became a leader of whole country.

    • Steve Sullivan

      Very old ? He’s 70 for crying out loud ! He went through a regimen that most people 20yrs younger couldn’t handle….wake up.

    • Sharon Newman

      Hiliary is almost dead she’s that old and not only that she would have caused WW3 !

    • pretorious700

      Obama is a broken fucking record.

  • Jason Milton

    This can not be happening OMG!!  He really is going to be President..

  • lexxon11

    Trump don’t make the mistake Obama did. people elected you to put money in their pocket’s. so work on the economy pronto

    • lexxon11

      It’s amazing to me that we as US citizens BELIEVE that the modern president runs anything. It’s sad how uneducated we are as a public about how things are really run. I know they distract us with TV and false hopes and pretenses, try to make us feel better than the other person and cause division. But I have hope for this younger generation and most of them are not falling for the BULLSHIT.

      Trump has a mandate, and if he does not follow that mandate from the 1% he will not continue to be that figure head. I don’t think Trump is that crazy to go against the 1%, but I will wait and see. I just hope he puts some policies in place to help the lower and middle class americans economically.

    • lukomoon

      +KatchouroBlade amen brother AMEN

    • Chantel Bohne

      Any other Republican would b better –trump in particular—-appreciate your personal attack though–

  • Ziad Natsheh

    Those Cameras are freaking loud.

  • Luke - Ario

    Did anyone hear a word they said over the camera shutter? Cause I sure as hell didn’t.

  • Silverballs00

    All Clinton supporters are still in denial and are delusional!! Way to go President Trump!!


      No Im pretty sure I remember Trump running on a divisive platform. I dont think anyone forgot that except his repressive following that picks and chooses its battles when it fits their agendas.

    • Renee Lewis

      Silverballs00 People just didn’t care to vote this year. 46% of people (blacks and Latinos did not come out to vote, while a surge in white votes became evident.

    • Renee Lewis

      Silverballs00 That’s why he won.

    • Silverballs00

      +HALFRATS PS4 Sounds like someone is still in denial and needs anger management classes.

  • Shpeckledorf

    Such a historic moment and no one thought to take pictures?

    • jmaedl027 jmaedl

      +Shpeck ledorf They are trying to get that picture they can sell for $10 grand..

    • Shpeckledorf

      Why would any picture they took here be worth $10,000?

    • jmaedl027 jmaedl

      +Shpeck ledorf Just like the topic says..it’s a Historical moment.. I’m positive without even checking people cleaned house selling those photos..

    • Shpeckledorf

      That makes no sense, why would they need to sell the picture if there is a complete video of it on youtube for free..?

    • jmaedl027 jmaedl

      +Shpeck ledorf The video is low quality and off to the side..they were right in front 10 feet away. .it’s not easy getting a shot like that..ya gotta know somebody that knows somebody to even get in there..

  • wolfe storm

    Obama’s stuttering beside Trump lol

    • Grandma Knows

      And prove bin Laden is dead. Where’s the body? Don’t tell me you actually believe they threw it overboard into the ocean? If that’s what you believe then our conversion ends here.

    • Vino sitas

      +Grandma Knows i think you lovee playing the blame-game… blame the ones that were in charge, so you dont have to take any blame. our conversation will end here, cause you clearly have issues with obama

    • Grandma Knows

      I blame myself for voting for him TWICE and being a brainwashed zombie who believed everything the mainstream media told me, everything they taught me in school, the bible, and ask the other sources of mass mind control. I take full responsibility for being lazy and complacent and not questioning everything. Those days are over and the truth is setting me free. I hope you will consider doing some research on your own and letting go of your attachment to the system and the puppets the shadow government puts in place for us to argue about. Good luck! It’s a hell of a ride so buckle up.

    • Grandma Knows

      +Vino sitas They’re all puppets, period. They’re all two sides of the same coin. Republican, Democrat…two sides of the same coin. They don’t run the show. They all lie to us. They all work for the best interest of corporations and wall street and the federal reserve.