Sparks Fly at the First Trump-Clinton Presidential Debate: The Daily Show

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton go head-to-head in an intense presidential debate covering foreign policy and race relations in the U.S.

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  • Road Warrior

    I hope in 10 years we are able to say, “Remember when we almost elected Trump for president jajaja that was hilarious, what the hell were we thinking.”

    • Rextrent

      Thinking isn’t your strong suit. Showing people how NOT to act is what you seem to excel at.
      The “Comedy Channel”: bad examples of humanity, 24-7.

    • Alien Enema

      Apo the Cary you’re “””””””””””white”””””””””. sure thing, Achmed

    • Ben Azzai

      Road Warrior Well in 10 years we’ll be saying remember when Trump won the elections? Muahahahah!

  • Marine

    People who are going to vote Trump are not rational at all : Trump is a show man, he is narrow-minded, intolerant, and he won’t ever has credibility with international leaders. His only respectful asset is his financial sucessful situation. Clinton is power greedy, dishonest and entitled. But so are mostly politicians. Besides she is obviously clever and she has experience. If you have to choose between the the two, please be really honest with yourself…who would make the least worst President ?

    • Marine

      +aggeel45 pao “undermine the Constitution”. Do you read yourself ? There is nothing wrong with adapting the Constitution to its time, as long as it is made in a democratic way. You can’t make the society better without some changes. However, that does mean you disrespect the Constitution (quite the contrary actually).

    • aggeel45 pao

      Marine you’re a scumbag globalist. you would like to trash our Constitution. yes the Constitution can be amended but the original 10 in the bill of rights shoot be changed. foreign pig

    • Marine

      +aggeel45 pao See ? You don’t know how to debate, you just like to insult people.

    • aggeel45 pao

      Marine you won’t even tell me the country you live in so I can try to understand your perspective.

    • Kabine Diane

      Marine, just like Trump lol. Doesn’t know how to debate, he just likes to insult people. 😀

  • tiramisu

    u have elon musk, and u pick these 2 cocksucker.

  • Wassily Kandinsky

    Trump is by far the best comedian in the history of presidential candidates and he should apply as an apprentice in the daily show after the elections.

  • rumination

    This trevor guy is so funny! I love watching him.😁

  • Mallorie Macklin

    Trevor, are you not allowed to speak ill of Hillary? Are they holding you hostage somewhere? Do you need help? Next show, cough twice for yes and once for no… We GOT you, bro

    • PetiteDoll

      Mallorie Macklin He has said before why he is more biased towards Hillary.

    • Sipaktli 13

      +PetiteDoll The Daily Show has turned into propaganda since John Stewart left. I still watch it because its actually quite funny, but meh, its all fake propaganda now. Zero credibility.

  • Hever Morales

    This fucking Donald Trump nightmare is about to come close to an end!

    • GuessWhoz

      Ben Azzai no way after 2 weeks of being president everyone wants him gone

    • Ben Azzai

      GuessWhoz Not everybody, just dumb liberals that are going out of their ways to end up dead. You think you can pull this constant mess while everybody watches, at some point you ought to be jailed for going around mobbing people and destroying property… he’s done more good things in 2 weeks than the 4 previous administrations!

    • Homer Swaghound

      wow you are stupid enough to serve in trump’s admin. did u pass grade school or did u drop out in 5th grade? People will lose IQ points just for having read ur idiotic post. are u aware of your rampant stupidity or do u just ignore the fact that most chimps are smarter than you? please post more and prove that those who put trump in office cant even spell impeachment!!!! Rust in Pieces TURD

  • Martin Allen

    Two fucked up individuals…good luck choosing America!

    • Sadia Subah

      I wonder if people realize that in our broken electoral system, a vote from the everyday individual who does not live in a swing state is inherently not important, and a vote for any third party, especially in an election this polarizing, is a direct vote for the GOP as proven time and again by history

    • ZuluChick

      LaserCustard The alternate candidates are just as bad as Trump.

    • Benjamin Ritchey

      +Sadia Subah a vote from a non swing state is unimportant but don’t use a vote for a third party candidate because it will have a negative effect, is that what you’re saying?

    • Sadia Subah

      +Ben Ritchey You’re right, I should’ve been more specific: if you live in a swing state, do not vote for a third party, as it will go directly to our favorite Orangutang, Trump

    • Connor Olen

      If you really hate both of them, just vote for Hillary because at least then we can say we’ve elected a woman.

      Also, she’s not a sexual predator. So, there’s that.

  • Alex Moon

    wait shouldn’t trump be in jail since he’s been guilty of tax evasion

    • Madness

      Emails, Benghazi,

    • Michael Scott

      He didn’t break the law, he used tax loopholes and credits all in accordance to the law. Why do you think Bernie Sanders did as we has he did? He wanted to take away all these loopholes so people like Trump would pay taxes.

  • asobo kobo

    the IRS audits people who have sketchy dealings. why is Trump acting like it’s an honor…?

  • Chris Gilbert

    That orange toad still hasn’t released his tax returns!?

  • Brya Saver

    The daily show isn’t the least be funny anymore and they are all for Hillary.

    • ArmoredChocobo

      I think that says a lot for how dangerous someone is when even comedians are turning against them.

    • On the Top

      Hillary don’t do stupid and laughable stuff, therefore the show have nothing to make comedy about……That doesn’t mean they are supporting Hillary

    • yondaimesin

      tfw you should just lie and embezzle national secrets to be like Hillary.

    • aggeel45 pao

      she has most media outlets working for her, look it up in wikileaks

  • Faverelli

    this is the only ad i’ve ever fully watched

    • Lover Sheep


    • Noona Luna

      Faverelli you’re funnier than trevor noah 😂

    • Anthony Cortez

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    • Logan Euker

      Faverelli hahahahaha

  • What-If Machine

    I’m sure I’m not the only one to think of this, but does it seem to anyone else like we’re being asked to choose between Umbridge or Voldemort?

    • rayed jamal

      “subtle as a horny male elephant”
      i love that expression

    • Shyamal Sarker

      Hоw I Curеd Муyуy CаndidаLifе-lоng Suffеrеr DisсоvеrsРоwеrful Sесrеt То Yеаst Infесtiоn Frееdооооm Тhе Dаilу Shоw Sраrks Flу аt thе First Тrumр Clintоn Prеsidеntiаааl Dеbаааtе

    • S. I. V.

      What-If Machine , You’re calling Trump Voldemort?!!! That’s shameful to his memory. Voldemort was much more cruel & controlled others. Trump is strict & his advisers help him in his decision making. Besides people in the wizarding world & in real life were scared of Voldemort. Nobody is scared of Trump.

  • oulart

    Who is this guy? I’ve never seen him before! He is handsome, funny and has a cool accent!

    • Blake Griffin So Damn Ugly

      D bags are everywhere niggas! its Trump’s America now! its the end of the world!

    • TheGood Shepherd

      oulart here is a tip don’t feed the trolls….. they seek attention ignore em

    • thetwoll12

      You mean like Trump ? So does it mean we fed him so much he became the most heavy person on earth ? I mean both politically and humanly. This guy is WEIGHT embodied.

  • Chancellor Banemarck

    I love Trevor.