Trump’s First Solo Press Conference as President: A Closer Look

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Seth takes a closer look at Trump's press conference full of false claims, grievances and attacks on the media.
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Trump's First Solo Press Conference as President: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • Stephen Milner

    Trump is literally an idiot. We are all fvcked.

    • Dolby 109

      Ziro, I do a lot of reading and work to actually make sure I look at “both sides” of the argument, and I can say unequivocally…Trump is an idiot.
      The Liberal media *does* have an agenda, but they aren’t just lying. They actually use clips of Trump showing his hypocrisy and his followers call that fake?

      I honestly can’t contemplate the depths of delusion it would actually take someone to (still) think Trump is a good person, and yet between 35% and 40% of Americans support him.
      So yeah…were fucked.

    • Just Do it

      Dolby 109 If you would only pay attention of the amount of retracted stories from the liberal media would you realize how much lying is going on. The media no longer exists to actually inform Americans. There new found goal is to get as much attention as possible. They do not care whether a story is fake or real. They don’t care whether a story could harm someone. There only goals is to get as many people as possible to view their inaccurate stories. It is also funny to see their continuing effort to boost their ratings by covering trump 24/7 . 😂 The media knows their influence is so shitty that they must come out with this ridiculous stories to get people’s attention.

  • Thomas Anderson

    Americans are incredibly stupid for electing this guy. But they deserve him, it’s what they wanted.

    • Thomas Anderson

      I didn’t say ‘All’, but congratulations and bending the truth. In either case, you’re country is fucked with too many idiots… it’s no wonder USA is always seen as a joke.

    • Willi Schulz

      +Thomas Anderson Every country has its idiots, But america is so Big, so they have percent more idiots.

    • leopold stotch

      +Willi Schulz are you american because i think you just illustrated your own point by not being able to articulate it…

      Not only that but america isnt the biggest country fyi…

      *double facepalm*

    • Willi Schulz

      +leopold stotch lol i m Not American

  • Jason Grimes

    RE-Election? Hey Buddy, let’s try and concentrate on getting outta the first month. what a freaking joke. Is it to soon for impeachment?

    • Christian Briggs

      Jason Grimes lol yeah just wait. And lol name something that legitimately would qualify for an impeachment of the POTUS. Trust me, I’m not a trump supporter. I’m just not biased for or against him. So don’t even respond about how I’m a racist or sexist. Just legit wait for this man to make or break his position. He hasn’t done either yet.

    • Christian Briggs

      Danna Ley bruh you fool. The majority of the Reps in both houses DO NOT like trump. Learn some facts before you collectively complain on the internet smh

  • T'Challa

    Oh my god. Trump is a mess.

  • Andres Gomez

    Pray for us, not even god can help us at this point😞 we’re so fucken fucked

  • hkistreet

    Has Trump at some point in his life had a stroke that has been kept secret? I’ve seen his interviews from the 80’s and while he was full of himself back then also, he wasn’t insane and seemed to be able to talk calmly and rationally.

    Does he have Alzheimer’s? And I am not asking this to be hostile, but just to understand why is he so incoherent all the time.

    • Iwanta do over

      I too questioned if he suffered from some sort of brain injury. I was thinking maybe a head injury of some kind.

    • Spam

      I believe it’s just called extreme narcissism. That and a crap load of coke back in the day (and maybe recent too).

    • Spam

      +Keenan McCarty I recommend watching the entire press conference, it’s on youtube. It’s ALL like that. They’ve got the best clips but the entire thing is batshit.

  • Gabrielle Faust

    I really do believe he is developing dementia…

    • La Frog

      He has undiagnosed Narcissistic Personality Order IMO

    • Henrik


    • La Frog

      Henrik Nedin meaning he hasn’t been to a psychiatrist. I have dealt with NPD people before and one of the main problems is they refuse to believe anything is wrong with them because they are “perfect” in their eyes

    • Nunya Bidness

      The original poster used the term “dementia”; therefore, you and I used it as well. Dementia can happen at nearly any age, so I ask again, how is the poster’s question “ageist”?

    • hugh jorgan

      +Nunya Bidness My mistake, I thought you were the original poster.

  • Paula Clarke

    Is this real life? Surely not. Thank you Seth for sweetening the bitter pill of this twisted reality.

    • MetteC5

      I’m surprised how ignorant people are about the UK’s position towards the EU – and its position from the outset. The UK never really wanted to be part of the EU and managed to negotiate all kinds of exceptions and special treatments for it to accept to be part of the EU (then EEC).
      Simple: as a former Empire with a strong colonial tradition, the UK couldn’t imagine itself as a simple member of the EU on equal footing with every other member.
      The discourse re the working class and racism/xenophobia isn’t untrue, but it’s masking the underlying, fundamental, reason for Brexit.

    • Olek_Gannon

      could be the media that has been all about anti white and all about immigration into western countries. Anyone against trump is another racist pos like the obama’s who loved praising racism against white people.

  • MoKnight AcuraTL

    Seth you fucking rock dude

  • lu

    The Republican Party has lost all respectability after this mans nomination. Please take your trash out of the Whitehouse, you’ve tarnished the American name.

    • Samantha P

      The entire system has lost credibility since American voters have allowed lobbyist and corporate elite to “donate” without caps to political candidates…wanna fix the system, get big money out of politics!

  • Guillermo Alexis Morales Campusano

    does anyone knows where trump buy his drugs? I need the number of his dealer, for research of course.

    • 1 i

      Guillermo Alexis Morales Campusano spot on…l m f’n a o..and some dumb f=©k gave her a thumb up!!! 🙂 wow…

    • Jan Brady

      I know it was a joke you morons. I was just making the person who posted it look like a fool.

      And why would you even joke about doing drugs? I’m sure you really want to do them and just act like it’s a joke. Go ahead, ruin your life.

    • Guillermo Alexis Morales Campusano

      Jan Brady hey chill out broh. Why are you so serious? Hahahah you must be fun at parties.

    • 1 i

      Jan Brady ..smoke a j and chill…don’t be such a kill buzz!! goodness..

    • Jan Brady

      Parties are for dumbasses who get drunk and then end up killing somebody on their way home. You liberals live a selfish life.

  • Zoe Segev

    Yeah, that segment of Trump talking about his electoral college win in the press conference with Israeli prime minister was Trump’s answer to a reporter’s question about the increasing anti-semitism in the US since Trump’s election. Like… WTF??!

    • Heterosexual White Male

      Zoe Segev No, it wasn’t. Feel free to watch the press conference for yourself as opposed to making yourself look stupid for believing what Seth Myers tells you. Do you know how stupid Trumps victory made these late show host look?

  • Danielle Wepking

    He is awful! He needs to be in #impeached.

  • Garrik Cook

    “Shooting a Russian boat”, are you out of your crack smoking mind?

    • clubredken

      I understand you want me to finish the sentence. But I’m pretty sure your boy doesn’t believe Russia had anything to do with the election. And the sentence will be finished, with an impeachment

    • Marijn Tak

      Frank Goge Yes, thank God Americans voted for “Increase the military budget by $54 billion and possibly start a war with Iran”… dodged right into that other bullet though…

  • Kenneth Soares

    Trump’s press conference was so bad, I had to go watch an Obama press conference to see how it’s done properly. Goddamn Bush can talk better than Trump.

    • clubredken

      After Sean Spicer made his entrance as ‘spokesman’ I had to go back and see how Obama’s spokesman did. And it was great. They recommended his last conference, and Obama made a surprise appearance. You got to check it out. I think Obama was awarded the Nobel peace prize just from that appearance

    • Jan Brady

      Bush was a lot younger than Trump too. And don’t give me “we should have elected somebody else then” because Hillary and Bernie are about the same age as Trump.

  • ThE DuCk

    The press conference was more like a recap of everything Mango Mussolini screwed up this week .

  • External power

    Worst president ever.

  • Cunncuts

    I hope you guys enjoy my Trump fake news Remix song
    help me out

  • nonnanevrotica

    Seriously, is anyone surprised? He proved during the campaign that he is insane, narcissistic and a compulsive liar. Still, millions voted for him. Here you fucking have it.

  • geno mccgeno

    Mr Trump, you’re an idiot… know that, right?

    • 8111y

      Did you know President Trump’s IQ is 156? The second highest of any President in History.

    • geno mccgeno

      +811; Yeah right. LOL. If that were true, don’t you think Trump would’ve mentioned that once or twice, or constantly, instead of saying “I’m really smart, I have a good brain”. I heard he refuses to be tested, but his IQ is estimated to be around 100. Stop listening to Alex Jones.